What is Flyball?
Flyball is a relay race in which two teams of dogs sprint over a set of jumps, catch a ball out of a spring-loaded box, and race back to their handler. It’s fast-paced, intense, lots of work, and lots of fun.

It takes time and dedication to train a dog to compete, but if your pup has good recall, strong drive, and loves to run, flyball is a wonderful way to bond with your dog, channel their energy, and hang out with great people.
About our club
Founded in 2013, Rip It Up is a small group of people in Portland, Oregon who share a love of dogs, competition, and neon yellow.

Our Dogs

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Bogie Border Whippet, 14 years old
Family: Laci & Derek

Bogie (like an unidentified object on radar - not a booger ;)) is a border collie mix originally from a shelter in Southern Oregon. He started his Flyball training around three months of age and didn't debut for another three years, he was a challenge to train but has been oh-so worth it. He's a very quirky guy but an incredible athlete and excels at everything he tries.


Border Collie, 15 years old
Family: Brian, Heidi, Karsyn & Sawyer

Bree is a Border Collie from Red Top Kennels. She was a wedding present to ourselves and was born 10 days after we were married. She is one of the most lovely, loyal, hardworking dogs I have ever met. She makes friends wherever she goes and lives for Flyball. She can run in any position and run for anyone.


Mix, 10 years old
Family: Molly, Craig & Colter
Titles: FM

Carter Happily retired
Mini Aussie, 16 years old
Family: Ryan, Danielle, Holden & Cassius
Titles: FMX, TF

The Mini Australian Shepherd is probably the quietest Mini Aussie you will ever meet. He has been known to bark at the TV screen when a dog shows up, but other than that you rarely hear him speak. I liken him to a Lion: conserves his energy until he really needs to assert his dominance. Durr, Durbin, & Cardango are just some of his many nicknames.


Border Whippet, 10 years old
Family: Brian, Heidi, Karsyn & Sawyer
Titles: FDCh-G

Decibel is a Border Collie/Whippet mix from On Target. He is the epitome of 100% or 0%. He is on the go running as fast as he can or laying on the couch cuddling up. Three of his siblings run in the Northwest and one of them, Push, is also on Rip It Up.


Contact Point's Smokin' Ember
Border Collie, 5 years old
Family: James
In training


Cambridge Unfinished Business
Pint sized Staffy, 9 years old
Family: Laci & Derek
Titles: FDCh

Ghost, in true Staffy fashion, has never had a bad day in his life. Constantly happy and always willing to snuggle, swim or work (in that order) he's set to be a fantastic height dog addition to the team. When he's not at Flyball, Ghost is fine tuning his dock diving jumps.

Impulse Kentfield Scrappy Impulse
Whippet, 12 years old
Family: Laci & Derek
Titles: FDCh-S, MBD

Scrappy is a total princess, but no delicate flower. This little whippet's been a ton of fun to train and loves her position as official team back-up dog. When she's not playing Flyball you can find Imps on the track chasing the lure, playing agility, napping under a blanket or her newest pursuit, disc!

Jasper Border Collie, 14 years old
Family: Pam & Mark
Titles: ONYX, TFE

The only thing you need to know about Jasper Thomas is that he arrived into my life on the very same day that my father passed away. For that reason, he shares my father's initials. Loyal, loving, cuddly, handsome, and dependable, he is a good traveler, a great hiking buddy, and my paddling partner. Jasper is Mr. Social, the joyful life of any party, and everybody's new best friend.


Happily retired
American Pit Bull Terrier, 17 years old
Family: Alysse, JC & Rylee
Titles: FMCh, TF-II


Mix, 16 years old
Family: Alysse, JC & Rylee
Titles: ONYX, TFE


Happily retired
Mix, 18 years old
Family: Brian, Heidi, Karsyn & Sawyer

Maggie Border Collie, 14 years old
Family: Brian, Heidi, Karsyn & Sawyer

Maggie was being sold on Craigslist for $50. We knew of her breeding line and decided to take a chance. We have worked with her to come out of her shell and be outgoing and willing to work and give it her all. She has not disappointed. She runs her little heart at everything she does, she is also very lovely and loves cuddling up with our daughter and sleeping with her at night.


Happily retired
Lab, 21 years old
Family: Laci & Derek
Titles: ONYX

Moss Redalert's Storm Runner
Toller, 13 years old
Family: Chris, Gia, Dom & Gabe
Titles: FMX, TF-III

Moss is a goofy, ball-crazy, truly unique little dog. He loves to hike, paw at things in shallow water, destroy toys that claim to be indestructible, and make strangers uncomfortable by dropping a ball at their feet and staring at them until they throw it. He is a true Toller, and has the scream to prove it.

<br><br><br><br>Mr. Fantastic

Mr. Fantastic
Mix, 11 years old
Family: Julie
Titles: FDCH-S


Whippet, 12 years old
Family: Julie

Primal On Target's It's All Instinct
Border Whippet, 9 years old
Family: Laci & Derek
Titles: FDCH-S, TF-III

Fondly nicknamed “happy feet” because of his inability to sit still, Primal is a perfect blend of work ethic and feral. He typically gets mistaken for a whippet but his brain is pure border collie, his tremendous heart and drive make him a blast to train. In addition to Flyball, Primal is also honing his disc and dock diving skills.

Push! On Target's Shove It!
Border Whippet, 10 years old
Family: Laci & Derek
Titles: FDCh-G, TFE-I

Apparently a dog's name can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Little did I know when naming Push she would take that “Shove It!” part of her name seriously. Luckily, the future superstar border-whippet has really come into her own after maturing and constantly keeps us entertained with her happy, goofball personality. She's become the total package of beauty, speed AND brains.


Family: Alysse, JC & Rylee
In training


Boston Terrier, 13 years old
Family: Alysse, JC & Rylee
Titles: FMCh, TF

Skoki Border Collie, 11 years old
Family: Pam & Mark
Titles: FM

Skoki Jon arrived, fresh from Canada, on an airplane at 13 weeks old. When he crawled out of his crate straight into my arms, it seemed as if he knew he was home. Skoki is an ADVENTURE waiting to happen and he makes us laugh everyday. He is independent, goofy, super smart, sensitive and a very happy little guy. He is full of mischief and often has a look to him that says, “BRING IT!” This little knucklehead has stolen our hearts and we love him to bits!


Crossdrive's What's One More
Border Whippet, 5 years old
Family: Laci & Derek
In training


Border Collie / Papillon, 7 years old
Family: James & Jonae
Titles: FDCh-S

Tesla EverEndeavor Charmed One
Eurasier, 11 years old
Family: Chris, Gia, Dom & Gabe
Titles: FM, TF-I

Tesla is an independent, headstrong, incredibly sweet ball of energy who has been a surprisingly quick learner in flyball. While her primary goal in life is to pose as a furry vacuum cleaner, she has made flyball history as the sport’s first competing Eurasier! When she’s not in the lanes, she loves food, snow, treats, stealing her brother’s toys, and food.


MissJiff's Burn it Down
Border Whippet, 6 years old
Family: Alysse, JC & Rylee
In training


Get in Touch
If you think you and your dog would be a good match for our club, have any questions, or just want to say hi, we want to hear from you!

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